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While we continue to raise money for local charities, as a business with a large East European customer base we also invite you to  support the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. Thank you.

For the first half of 2022 we are raising money for Friends of Cotteridge Park. Many of you will be aware of the park but might not realise how much it depends on volunteers and fundraising.

The volunteers at Cotteridge Park are passionate about our little park, in the heart of our community. The Friends of Cotteridge Park work tirelessly to improve the park’s infrastructure, and to provide services and activities that meet the needs of local people.

In any given week you’ll find Tai Chi, arts courses, youth workers, gardening, conservation and walking groups, and much more. The Shed opened in 2020 and is the hub for our activities and a friendly place to grab a cup of coffee too.

Oh, and then there’s CoCoMAD – the best little festival in Birmingham, where we celebrate Music, Art, Dance, and Science from our community and beyond.

In order to provide all this, and more, we are constantly fundraising. We have a principle that all our activities are free at the point of delivery so no one is excluded because they can’t afford to attend. This means we need donations to keep us going. We’re truly grateful for anything you can give to support our work.

And if you can give your time – even if it’s just an hour – you would be welcomed with open arms.

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You can contribute by adding this to your pre-order, or when paying at the till.