Photos from Chinese Bao & Dumplings course

Last month we had our brilliant photographer Jack Spicer Adams in on our Chinese Bao & Dumpling course by Lap-fai Lee.

Here are some of the photos – mouthwatering!

The next class is on Weds 5th September and there’s only a couple of places left so don’t wait if you’re keen to learn how to make Chinese Bao & Dumplings.

We’re hiring!

Big news for the Loaf team – we have two vacancies coming up! It’s bittersweet as we are saying goodbye to two wonderful team members – Kerry and Rob – but they both have exciting plans and we wish them all the best.

If you would like to apply – have a look at the adverts and job descriptions on our jobs page – we really hope to hear from you soon!

New face in the bakery (UCB Placement)

If you’ve been in to Loaf over the last few weeks you might have seen or met Kajol, who has been doing a work experience placement with us. Kajol is studing at UCB College of Food – which is where Loaf alumni, Anna Claringbull, studied before joining Loaf – Anna now works at Lune Croissanterie in Melbourne.

Kajol got stuck in with all aspects of the baking assisting mostly Neil – from shaping sourdough, refreshing the starter through to learning how to make croissants. It was really lovely having Kajol in the bakery with us – the experience taught us a lot too. Best of luck with what you do next Kajol!

Course highlight – Simply Sourdough (THIS WEEKEND!)

It’s Monday – so we are CLOSED. Although we are all in for a team meeting this afternoon!

This week we have three courses in the cookery school;

How to Make Dosa
Tue 17th, 6.30-9.30pp £65pp (one place available)

Bread Back to Basics
Thurs 19th, 9.30am-4pm £120pp (FULL)

Simply Sourdough
Fri 20th – Sat 21st, £120pp (6 places)

It’s a good time of year to book on to Sourdough – the bonus is we’ll teach you how to look after your starter in this (glorious) weather 🌞 we run this course once a month only, and it’s a two-session class – you’ll come in on a Friday evening to refresh the rye sourdough starter, and mix and knead the wheat sourdough loaves. You’ll return on Saturday morning to shape your wheat and rye loaves, and enjoy a hearty brunch with sourdough English muffins or sourdough pancakes. There’s plenty of time to discuss techniques, equipment and baking to suit your lifestyle. There is of course, lots of bread to take home too!

More information on the Simply Sourdough course page on our website. 

Places available on our cookery courses this month

Hi everyone, here’s the availability on courses we’re running in June!

Everything else is sold out this month! But if you’d like to join our waiting list you can sign up here:

Subscribe to our courses waiting list

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Cuffufle Preserves

If you’ve been to our shop, on one of our courses, or to Stirchley Community Market, you’ll have come across Cuffufle Preserves. We can’t get enough of her tasty preserves and the excitement of each seasonal variation that she brings us. At the moment we stock her wild garlic oils which are in high demand!
Rachel is a friend of Loaf and resident of Kings Heath. We stock some of her range which includes homemade jams, cordials, vinegars, oils and mustards. She uses all organic ingredients – and local, where possible. Ethics and sustainability are embedded in Rachel’s philosophy, and she focuses on quality not quantity.
We especially love her apple and roasted garlic chutney with cheddar and our Saturday maslin loaf.
If you’d like to learn how to make preserves you can join Rachel on Tuesday 12th June or Tuesday 10th July where she will be sharing her skills.
Book via our cookery school page.

National Geographic Traveller Magazine


We’ve been highlighted in this fantastic National Geographic Travel piece about food in Birmingham by Audrey Gillan.

Lap-fai Lee took Audrey on a trip round Brum and onto his Thai class at Loaf – look at that gorgeous photo of all the food that we feast on during the Thai course!

Thanks Audrey & Lap. We are so proud to feature alongside Carters of Moseley, Simpsons RestaurantSmultronstalle & others.

Get down to WHSmiths for your copy 🙌

Next Flavour Geography: Thailand classes with spaces:

Weds 6th June / Weds 15th Aug:…/flavour-geography-thailand/ 


Seafood Masterclass Photos

Thanks everyone who came down to Lap’s #MEGAFISH Seafood Masterclass at the weekend.

On Saturday we cooked all this from scratch;
Prawns a la plancha
Grilled mackerel
Roasted sea bream
Crab linguine
Crab pate and bonus crab shots!
Sole goujons
Oysters freshly shucked
Thai fish soup
Charred squid salad
Steamed turbot
Grilled lobster

The next date for this course is Saturday 16th June and there are places available if you’d like to join us. Book via our website.

Photos from attendees:


Course highlight – Japan

We have places available on our brilliant Japan course taught by expert Lap-fai Lee on Wednesday 25th April (three weeks tomorrow).

If you’d like to know how to cure fish for sashimi, prepare sushi rolls, make dashi, and properly cook rice then this is the course for you. Lap says: “Cooking Japanese food need not be daunting at all. Japanese home cooking is really straightforward and above all satisfying to eat.”

Like all Loaf courses it’s very hands-on and throughout the evening we’ll be tasting the fruits of our labour: sashimi, sushi rolls, nasu degaku, tonkatsu, and miso soup.

Please note, this course is not suitable for Vegetarians or Vegans. The ingredients are gluten free. Please email us if you need to know more about the allergens in this course.

Book via our website!…/flavour-geography-japan

Happy International Women’s Day

We’re celebrating International Women’s Day at Loaf today, reminding ourselves of its early 20th Century origins, when on 8th March 1917 women marched through St Petersburg, demanding Bread and Peace, instigating a general strike, the abdication of the Tsar and a revolution. Serious girl power.

We stand on the shoulders of countless women whose political work and direct action mean that we have rights, opportunities and pleasures that they didn’t – we’re celebrating them and we also wanted to share some things we’re proud of here at Loaf, where, if you have visited us, you’ll know that lots of lovely women and a few lovely men work (and also collectively own and run the business).

The key thing for us, is that it’s really not about Girl Bosses, it’s about no bosses. As a worker co-operative all our staff have an equal stake and responsibility in running Loaf, and equal rewards too. Over the past couple of years we’ve been particularly focussed on how best to allow our team to balance family and work, with well paid parental leave and flexibility in the rota. It’s hard to get right but we try to extend some recognition to the work that goes on in the home, as well as the work that goes on at work. We hope this will keep great women working at Loaf, baking bread, serving in the shop, teaching in the cookery school, doing VAT returns, baking cakes for as long as we’re here.

There are some events going on in Birmingham to mark the day, including a free breakfast hosted by our friends at Artefact Cafe (they will be serving our bread) and a rally at midday in Victoria Square. However you celebrate the day, have a good one!

Oh and p.s. International Men’s day is on 19th November (thanks Richard Herring!) ;0)




Courses in March – with places


Here are courses with places left this month:
Tuesday 20th March – Thaali with Haseen from Pop Up Dosa (x4 places)
Thursday 29th March – Pork Butchery and Charcuterie with Lap-fai Lee and Rossiters Organic Butchers (x2 places)
Saturday 31st March – Bread: Back to Basics with Loaf’s Rob (x2 places)

Other than that our March courses are fully booked!

For our full course calendar please click the link below- we have lots more dates available.

ps we also sell Gift Vouchers (perfect for Mother’s Day did you say?!) available in the shop or online through our website.

We’re open!

We haven’t been snowed in and our bakers only live a few minutes walk away. No excuses! Come and visit us if you’re local and your work has been snowed off!

Lunch today: Butternut squash and bean chilli with sourdough (ve) OR Salt Beef on challah with pickles & mustard

Lunch Saturday: Salt Beef on brioche with pickles & mustard OR Cheddar, apple and peanut butter sandwich (v)

PLUS Veggie rolls + Pork sausage rolls and patisserie.

Real Bread Week



We’re supporting The Real Bread Campaign in their celebration of 10 years of Real Bread Week!

#RealBreadWeek runs from Saturday 24 February to 4 March 2018.

An annual initiative of the international Real Bread Campaign, the aim of Real Bread Week is to celebrate additive-free loaves and the people who make them.

We are proud to bake loaves that are 100% free of artificial additives of any kind!

During Real Bread Week 2018:

  • You’ll be able to sample tasters of a different loaf every day during the week – including sourdough, white tin, rye, multigrain, focaccia – and on Saturdays, Maslin! This is the perfect opportunity for you to try something new if you always go for the same loaf when you visit us!
  • We will have bread soups for lunch! If you’re feeling inspired and want to make your own bread soups then we recommend this Chickpea, Tomato and Bread soup by Ottolenghi or this Spiced Chickpea and Sourdough Starter soup by Hobbs House Bakery
  • We will have beautiful riso-printed posters proudly saying ‘I Loaf Real Bread’ available for you to take home and put up and display (if you do – please take a photo to show us!) printed by The Holodeck our local printers
  • Come and have a look at our bookshelves in the shop – we have a number of great real bread books available to buy including ‘Slow Dough‘ published by The Real Bread Campaign
  • You might not know but we also sell bread-baking equipment and flour (£1 per kilo) and yeast. Bring your own tub!
  • If you bring a pot you can get some of our starter for free so that you can try making your own sourdough!

Real Bread Campaign coordinator, Chris Young, says: “Real Bread bakeries like Loaf’s play a really important role in their local communities, providing not only great, all-natural food but also helping to keep the high street alive. Real Bread Week is a great chance for everyone in the area to get along to show their support and help to make sure that they don’t lose such a valuable asset.”

The Real Bread Campaign is part of the food and farming charity Sustain: the alliance for better food and farming. Starting from basic definition of Real Bread as made without any artificial additives, the Campaign’s mission is to find and share ways to make bread better for us, better for our communities and better for the planet.

People can find full details of #RealBreadWeek, discover local Real Bread bakeries and classes, and learn about the Campaign and how to join it and enjoy a range of special offers at:



Spring is around the corner and we couldn’t be more pleased!

Here are two lists – availability on courses published before Christmas and NEW DATES! Bookable via our Courses page on the website.

Places left on courses in Spring:

  • Sweet Breads and Viennoiserie – Saturday 24th February (2 places), Saturday 14th April (6 places)
  • Thaali – Tuesday 27th February – (1 place), Tuesday 20th March (4 places)
  • Bread: Back to Basics – 31st March (all places – date just added) Thursday 19th April (5 places)
  • Simply Sourdough – Fri 23rd / Sat 24th March (1 place), Fri 27th / Sat 28th April (7 places)
  • Pork Butchery & Charcuterie – Thursday 29th March (2 places)
  • Dosa – Tuesday 10th April (4 places)
  • Bao & Chinese Dumpling – Tuesday 17th April (1 places)
  • Seafood Masterclass – Saturday 21st April (4 places)
  • Knife Skills – Tuesday 24th April (1 place)
  • Japan – Wednesday 25th April (6 places)


  • Bread: Back to Basics – Sat 5th May / Thurs 24th May / Sat 26th May / Sat 2nd June / Thurs 14th June / Sat 7th July / Thurs 19th July
  • Simply Sourdough – Fri 18th/Sat 19th May / Fri 29th/Sat 30th June / Fri 20th/Sat 21st July / Fri 24th/Sat 25th August
  • Sweet Bread & Viennoiserie – Saturday 12th May / Saturday 9th June / Saturday 14th July / Saturday 11th August
  • Dosa – Tues 29th May / Tues 17th July / Tues 4th Sept
  • Thaali – Tues 1st May / Tues 26th June / Tues 28th Aug
  • Macarons – Weds 30th May
  • Thai – Weds 6th June
  • Preserving – Tues 12th June / Tues 10th July
  • Bao & Dumpling – Weds 20th June
  • Ramen – Thurs 21st June
  • Knife Skills – Weds 25th July
  • Japan – Thurs 26th July

Phew! We hope you find something you’d like to book on to – and we hope to welcome you soon.

You can find full course descriptions on the Cookery School page of the website.