10th – 14th December

Tues: Tarka Daal w/ Sourdough (Ve)
/ OR /
Mushroom, chestnut, cranberry, stilton and mozzarella sourdough pizza (V)

Weds: Brussel sprout, bacon, walnut and mozzarella sourdough pizza
/ OR /
Brussel sprout, caramelised red onion, walnut and stilton sourdough pizza (V)

Thurs: Spiced parsnip and chickpea soup w/ Sourdough (Ve)
/ OR /
Roast potato, honey roast ham, braised red cabbage, rosemary and mozzarella sourdough pizza
/ OR /
Salt beef on Challah with mustard and pickles

Fri: Roast cauliflower and aubergine curry w/ sourdough (Ve)
/ OR /
Parsnip cream, roast sprouts, chestnuts and stilton sourdough pizza (V)
Salt beef on Challah with mustard and pickles

Sat: Sausage & Veggie Rolls


Weekday pre-orders of  bread or lunches: please email or phone by 11am or ask in-store the day before. We can’t accept orders on social media or take reservations during our busy lunchtime.

Orders for Saturdays need to be made by 7pm on Thursdays. If you would like a regular weekly order please let us know!

For larger orders we may ask for payment in advance. For significantly large orders, where extra dough will need to be prepared, please allow 3 days. If in doubt, please ask!


Phone: 0121 458 7682