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Gift Vouchers

Gift Voucher

Give the gift of learning! Gift vouchers can now be purchased for the lucky recipient to put towards any Loaf Cookery School course. Vouchers can be purchased for any cash amount in the online shop or in person at the cookery school. You can also go ahead and  buy a specific course for somebody in the online shop and then email us ( and we can post out a voucher to you or directly to them.

Gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and can only be redeemed with Loaf Cookery School courses.

A Wide Range of Cookery Courses – To find out what courses we have on offer visit our Loaf Cookery School pages. Book early as our courses are very popular.


Bread Bakers Starter Pack

We’ve put together a budding bread bakers starter pack


  • a locally made bakers peel,
  • a spiral proving basket that will hold 500g dough,
  • a plastic dough scraper
  • and a dough scoring knife.

All this for the bargain price of £30. The items are all available separately too. If you want to upgrade to a 1kg basket it is £2 extra, and we also have baskets in an oval rather than a round shape.

A little extra to get you started: If you want to top off the gift with some of our sourdough starter, just pop into the bakery between 7am and 3pm Tuesday-Friday with a jam jar and we’ll fill it up with starter free. Ring the doorbell as we’ll be busy working in the bakery!

The Bread Bakers Starter Pack is available to purchase from Loaf Cookery School. Unfortunately we are unable to offer a postal delivery service.

Loaf bread bakers starter kit


Loaf Mini Bookstore

We have the following books for sale. Pop into the Cookery School to have a look. Available from Loaf. Unfortunately we are unable to offer a postal delivery service.

Dough - Richard Bertinet

Dough by Richard Bertinet – £13

(RRP £15.99)      

Richard Bertinet is renowned for his revolutionary and inspirational approach to breadmaking and his award-winning book Dough is an invaluable and beautiful guide to making simple, contemporary bread, with a 30-minute DVD giving additional guidance and step-by-step recipes. Richard brings fun to breadmaking and with his easy approach, you will never want to buy a supermarket loaf again. Each of the five chapters begins with a slightly different dough – White, Olive, Brown, Rye and Sweet – and from this ‘parent’ dough you can bake a vast variety of breads really easily. Try making Fougasse for lunch, bake a Ciabatta to impress, create Tomato, Garlic & Basil Bread for a delicious canapé or show off with home-made Doughnuts – each recipe is a delight.

Since it’s publication in 2005, the book has been translated into 8 languages and sold over 100,000 copies. It won the Julia Child Award, the IACP Best Cookbook of the Year Award, a Guild of Food Writers’ Award and a James Beard Foundation Award and was shortlisted for an André Simon Award and a Glenfiddich Food & Drink award.

Bread Matters - Andrew Whitley

Bread Matters by Andrew Whitley – £17

(RRP £20)

Andrew Whitley, organic baker and founder of The Village Bakery, reveals the deplorable state into which modern supermarket bread has fallen, and the secrets behind making good, nutritious bread at home.

All is not well in British baking. Commercial bread is laced with additives to make it look good and stay soft. It uses varieties of wheat that have been bred for high yield and baking performance with little concern for human nutrition. To rush it through the bakery at the lowest possible cost, it’s dosed with four times as much yeast as before. Described as ‘fresh’ when it may have been frozen and re-heated, it’s sold as a loss-leader at knock-down prices which undermine what little respect it may once have commanded.Even before the Atkins diet frightened people off, there was evidence of a massive growth of intolerance – to gluten, wheat and yeast in particular. Call it coincidence. Dismiss it as hypochondria if you will. But things have come to a pretty pass when people avoid their staple food – the staff of life – in droves.

‘Bread Matters’ offers a solution. Revealing the madness behind this modern adulteration of our most basic food as only an insider can, organic baker Andrew Whitley, founder of The Village Bakery in Melmerby, shows why and how to make real bread at home. Unlike many bread book authors, he has baked for a living for over 25 years. His recipes are fool-proof because he explains what’s really going on, demystifying the science, sharing a practical baker’s craft. Using the skills he deploys on his popular courses, he guides and inspires beginners and seasoned bakers alike. And he brings good news to those who have had to abandon bread because of dietary sensitivity, showing how to bake tasty and nutritious food without yeast, wheat or gluten.



Food for Free - Richard Mabey

Food For Free by Richard Mabey – £4.50

The classic foraging guide to over 200 types of food that can be gathered and picked in the wild, Food for Free returns in its 40th year as a sumptuous, beautifully illustrated and fully updated anniversary edition.

Originally published in 1972, Richard Mabey’s classic foraging guide has never been out of print since. Food for Free is a complete guide to help you safely identify edible species that grow around us, together with detailed artwork, field identification notes and recipes.

In this stunning 40th anniversary edition, Richard Mabey’s fully-revised text is accompanied by photographs, new recipes and a wealth of practical information on identifying, collecting, cooking and preparing, history and folklore. Informatively written, beautifully illustrated and produced in a new, larger format, Food for Free will inspire us to be more self-sufficient and make use of the natural resources around us to enhance our lives.