Can You Dig This – film screening


Kopfkino are screening CAN YOU DIG THIS by Delirio Films, with producer John Legend.

A documentary about individuals taking action to improve their area; an idea we absolutely can get behind.

Loaf are supporting the screening by providing refreshments and donations for these will go to Northfield Ecocentre, who will be there on the night to talk about their work in the community.

“When you put beauty in a place that has none, that’s a game changer.”
– Ron Finley, the “Gangster Gardener”

“South Los Angeles. What comes to mind is gangs, drugs, liquor stores, abandoned buildings and vacant lots. The last thing that you would expect to find is a beautiful garden sprouting up through the concrete, colouring the urban landscape. As part of an urban gardening movement taking root in South LA, people are planting to transform their neighbourhoods and are changing their own lives in the process.

Calling for people to put down their guns and pick up their shovels, these “gangster gardeners” are creating an oasis in the middle of one of the most notoriously dangerous places in America. CAN YOU DIG THIS follows the inspirational journeys of four unlikely gardeners, discovering what happens when they put their hands in the soil. This is not a story of science and economics. This is a story of the human spirit, inspiring people everywhere to pick up their shovels and “plant some s**t.”

Director: Delila Vallot Producers: Rafael Marmor, Christopher Leggett, Delila Vallot

Cast: Ron Finley, Mychael “Spicey” Evans, Kenya Johnson, Quimonie Lewis, and Hosea Smith

Doors at 6.45pm for a 7pm start – grab a coffee and cake to take into the cinema room.

Tickets via eventbrite!


The Breadfast Club 002!

On the last Sunday in April we ate sourdough pancakes and roast veg, toast with homemade jams, and headed out for a bike ride with Birmingham Bike Foundry and lots of you lovely lot.

We’re doing it again on Sunday 10th June.

You’re welcome to join us, so long as you RSVP via eventbrite.

The Breakfast
Meet at Loaf at (no earlier than) 9.30am.
You can leave your bike in the shop/our stock room whilst we have breakfast in the cookery school.
Casual help-yourself breakfast of surplus bakery bread/toast, herby sourdough pancakes + toppings + Quarter Horse coffee + tea. Vegan-friendly.
Suggested donation of £3pp.
Ride leaves at 10am.
You are welcome to leave belongings whilst you are on the ride, we’ll lock up and return to open up.

The Ride
The Breadfast Club is a monthly breakfast and group ride organised by Birmingham Bike Foundry and Loaf. The ride will usually be a 20-30 mile loop, returning to Stirchley for 1pm. This isn’t an official led ride, so please look after yourself and come prepared. We will share the route prior to the event so please familiarise yourself with it. We’ll do our best to stick to nice routes in and out of built up areas and make sure no one gets left behind if they have filled up too much on toast.

Speed roughly 12mph – 15mph.

RSVP via eventbrite is essential so we can get an idea of numbers.

(Hopefully the weather will be a bit brighter!)