Simply Sourdough

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Learn how to make Sourdough bread on a cookery course in Birmingham.

Please Note: After a successful decade we are revising our sourdough course and it will return in the Autumn term. To be informed of when bookings are open, subscribe to our newsletter.

Sourdough makes the best bread, no wonder it has been a staple food in many parts of the world for thousands of years. Sourdough bread is free from manufactured bakers yeast and instead relies on natural airborne yeast to raise the loaf, and natural bacteria that grow alongside to give its distinctive flavour.

The sourdough process of bread-making requires skill, knowledge, but most of all passion, so this course is perfect for those that have a little experience of making yeasted loaves and for graduates of our Bread: Back to Basics course, but not a necessity.

During the course, you’ll see the whole sourdough baking process through from refreshing the “starter” (the yeast culture that you keep alive in your fridge from week to week)to kneading, shaping and baking the loaves. This is bread making at its most elemental.

You will be well fed throughout the day with plenty of tea and coffee! There’s plenty of time to discuss equipment, technique, and how sourdough baking can suit a busy lifestyle, and of course there’s plenty of bread to take home afterwards.

The course takes place at Loaf’s cookery school on Stirchley High Street in South Birmingham. You’ll feel right at home at Loaf, and everything you learn will set you up for bringing your own kitchen alive with the smell of fresh bread. There will also be a chance to tour Loaf’s in-house community bakery and to stock up on bread-making equipment from our shop after the course.

The course takes place on Thursdays or Saturdays from 10am-5pm.

All refreshments, equipment, recipes, and aprons are provided.

Please note, this course is not suitable for Coeliacs. Please email us if you need to know more about the allergens in this course.

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