Perfect Poultry

Now it’s getting colder, perfect your poultry skills in time for the Sunday roast season!

There are a few spaces available on our Perfect Poultry butchery course on the Thursday 1st November, 6.30pm-9.30pm. Have a butchers (sorry – I couldn’t resist) at the course description below to find out what’s in store. This course is also effectively a meal out with a difference, so it would be great for a couple of friends coming together.

This course brings you an exciting collaboration between Loaf Cookery School and local master butcher Steve Rossiter, who runs Birmingham’s only certified organic butchers in Bournville.

Starting the evening with a whole chicken, Steve teaches us how to respectfully bone it out, and demonstrates the versatility of the different joints, whilst Loaf director Tom Baker will lead you in creating some wonderful chicken dishes. We sit down to feast on the fruits of our labour and enjoy a nice glass of wine towards the end of the evening, so save plenty of room!

We’ll be making:

  • chorizo-stuffed chicken breast wrapped in streaky bacon
  • spatchcocked poussin with lemon and garlic
  • Raz al Hanout tagine chicken
  • chicken liver salad

and learning the simple secrets to the perfect chicken stock.

This is a very hands-on course and you’ll be practicing your new found skills in: jointing, spatchcocking, and butterflying your own chicken and poussin.

You’ll feel right at home at Loaf, and everything you learn will set you up for impressing your friends and family with your new found skills at home. The course costs £60 (inclusive of VAT) and all refreshments, equipment, recipes and aprons are provided, but please bring a food container to take home raw leftovers and bones for stock.

Book your place on the Perfect Poultry course through our online shop.

The course takes place on 1st November, from 6.30pm-9.30pm at Loaf HQ in Stirchley, South Birmingham.

Loaf HQ progress part 3

The cookery school has now been plastered, but we’re waiting for the acoustic solution on the ceiling to be sorted so there’s no ceiling yet – should be starting to go up next week. Here’s 4 pics from the four corners of the main cookery school room, it’s quite hard to photograph.
















And here’s the original tiled floor from when this shop was a butchers (40+ years ago). I think it will scrub up nice:












They’ve also made the opening to the new accesible loo this week. Its the opening to the left of this pic, with the one straight on heading into the dining room and then the cookery school.














Loaf HQ Progress – Part 2

So it’s definitely still a building site, but I thought i’d share a couple more photos of the new shop. It’s really hard to photograph, I need a wide angle lens I think. Anyway, here’s a shot from the front of the Stirchley Stores shop with the hole through to the Loaf bakery at the back:

As you can see it’s going to be quite narrow at the front (the blue boarding on the left is due to the new stairs that service the upstairs flats), but opens up towards the back. Here’s a view from the bakery opening looking back towards the front:

The new shop front should be going on in about 3 weeks I think, towards the end of the build.

Here’s the bakery plastered (the hole being drilled is for the extraction above the oven):

And here’s the proof it’s all getting real: