Lunches for Easter week!

Here is the menu for the week ahead – we also have loads of lovely easter treats – HCBs, macarons, things involving mini eggs – see you at the bakery!

Tue: Tarka daal with sourdough (Ve)
Wed:  Spinach, artichoke and red onion pizza (V) OR Broccoli soup (Ve) with sourdough and optional stilton (V)
Thurs: Porotos Granados with sourdough (Ve)
Friday: Caponata with sourdough (Ve)  OR Salt beef on challah with pickles & mustard
Sat: Salt beef on challah with pickles & mustard OR Houmous, roasted beetroot and pine nuts on challah (V)


Pop Up Dosa at Loaf!

Join us at Loaf on Thursday 5th April for a Pop Up Dosa!

6.30pm – sell out

Masala Dosa:
A lentil crepe filled with savoury potatoes, tomatoes & green peas
comes with Sambar (6 veg stew), Fresh Green Coconut Chutney and Gunpowder Chutney.

Vegan and gluten free.

Takeaway, or limited seating (BYOB)

Pop Up Dosa have been bringing fantastic street food from Kerala in the south west of India to the streets of Birmingham for several years now. Starting from their home-cafe in Kings Heath to guest appearances at markets and takeovers of other cafe’s, they’re an integral part of the grassroots food landscape in Birmingham, and for good reason.

If you can’t make the Dosa pop-up, and would like to learn how to make Dosa for yourself – why not come on one of our courses?