Loafing Brummie


This weekend you can try ‘Loafing Brummie‘ a new collaboration between Loaf and Birmingham Brewing Company, an independent brewery and taproom based on Stirchley Industrial Estate, a stone’s throw from our bakery.

Birmingham Brewing Company have got two versions of Loafing Brummie to serve at their taproom this weekend, both are 4.6%, one fermented with an Ale yeast and the the other with a Sourdough culture. 

Did you know that 44% of bread is wasted? The Real Bread Campaign got in touch with us six months ago to ask if we were interested in taking part in their project ‘Circle of Loaf’ with Toast Ale. Circle of Loaf involves partnering up with a local brewery to produce beer bread and bread beer, using surplus loaves and reducing waste. If you haven’t tried or heard of Toast Ale, we recommend checking them out, Stirchley Wines often have small batches for sale. Each bottle of Toast Ale has the equivalent of one slice of bread in it.

At Loaf we have always strived to produce as little waste as possible. We send any surplus bread to The Real Junk Food Project.

There are a lot of resources for bakers on The Real Bread Campaign’s website, we recommend a read of their No Loaf Lost guide.

The tap room is open today 4-8pm (Fri 13th) and tomorrow 12-5pm (Sat 14th), let us know what you think of the beer!


Course highlight – Japan

We have places available on our brilliant Japan course taught by expert Lap-fai Lee on Wednesday 25th April (three weeks tomorrow).

If you’d like to know how to cure fish for sashimi, prepare sushi rolls, make dashi, and properly cook rice then this is the course for you. Lap says: “Cooking Japanese food need not be daunting at all. Japanese home cooking is really straightforward and above all satisfying to eat.”

Like all Loaf courses it’s very hands-on and throughout the evening we’ll be tasting the fruits of our labour: sashimi, sushi rolls, nasu degaku, tonkatsu, and miso soup.

Please note, this course is not suitable for Vegetarians or Vegans. The ingredients are gluten free. Please email us if you need to know more about the allergens in this course.

Book via our website! http://loafonline.co.uk/cookery-sch…/flavour-geography-japan