Spring is around the corner and we couldn’t be more pleased!

Here are two lists – availability on courses published before Christmas and NEW DATES! Bookable via our Courses page on the website.

Places left on courses in Spring:

  • Sweet Breads and Viennoiserie – Saturday 24th February (2 places), Saturday 14th April (6 places)
  • Thaali – Tuesday 27th February – (1 place), Tuesday 20th March (4 places)
  • Bread: Back to Basics – 31st March (all places – date just added) Thursday 19th April (5 places)
  • Simply Sourdough – Fri 23rd / Sat 24th March (1 place), Fri 27th / Sat 28th April (7 places)
  • Pork Butchery & Charcuterie – Thursday 29th March (2 places)
  • Dosa – Tuesday 10th April (4 places)
  • Bao & Chinese Dumpling – Tuesday 17th April (1 places)
  • Seafood Masterclass – Saturday 21st April (4 places)
  • Knife Skills – Tuesday 24th April (1 place)
  • Japan – Wednesday 25th April (6 places)


  • Bread: Back to Basics – Sat 5th May / Thurs 24th May / Sat 26th May / Sat 2nd June / Thurs 14th June / Sat 7th July / Thurs 19th July
  • Simply Sourdough – Fri 18th/Sat 19th May / Fri 29th/Sat 30th June / Fri 20th/Sat 21st July / Fri 24th/Sat 25th August
  • Sweet Bread & Viennoiserie – Saturday 12th May / Saturday 9th June / Saturday 14th July / Saturday 11th August
  • Dosa – Tues 29th May / Tues 17th July / Tues 4th Sept
  • Thaali – Tues 1st May / Tues 26th June / Tues 28th Aug
  • Macarons – Weds 30th May
  • Thai – Weds 6th June
  • Preserving – Tues 12th June / Tues 10th July
  • Bao & Dumpling – Weds 20th June
  • Ramen – Thurs 21st June
  • Knife Skills – Weds 25th July
  • Japan – Thurs 26th July

Phew! We hope you find something you’d like to book on to – and we hope to welcome you soon.

You can find full course descriptions on the Cookery School page of the website.

New course: Preserving

Photo of preserves on a shelf

Photo of preserves on a shelf


We’ve just added new dates for a refreshed Preserves course at Loaf.

On this course, Rachel (Cuffufle Preserves) will show you the methodology of making jam, chutney, cordial and mustard. You’ll leave the course confident that you can make your own creations!

Rachel will talk through the pitfalls of where people normally make mistakes – how to avoid them – and what to look out for to know that you’re doing the right thing!

This course is perfect for keen gardeners or allotment-keepers – Rachel will explain how to make the most of your excess produce – and you’ll go home with recipes to use.

The course is £60 and includes refreshments, and all equipment needed during the course.

There are two dates available:

  • Tuesday 12th June, 6.30-9.30pm
  • Tuesday 10th July, 6.30-9.30pm

Book via the Cookery School page – Preserving.

Last courses in 2017

Last courses in 2017

We have a couple of spaces available on the following courses – the last ones in 2017!


  • Simply Sourdough –  This course is over two sessions, an evening and a morning, and the only place available in 2017 is Friday 3rd – Saturday 4th November (1 place)
  • Knife Skills 6.30-9.30pm on Weds 8th November  (3 places)
  • Ramen 6.30-9.30pm on Thurs 9th November (3 places)
  • Pork Butchery and Charcuterie 9.30am-4pm on Thursday 16th November (3 places)
  • Bread: Back to Basics 9.30am-4pm on on Saturday 18th November (3 places)
  • Thaali (NEW COURSE!) 6.30-9.30pm on Thursday 28th November (4 places)


All other courses for 2017 are completely booked up – but do not despair! If you’d like to plan ahead to 2018, dates are available.


We sell gift vouchers, redeemable against any course at Loaf, in multiples of £10. These can be purchased online via our cookery school page – see ‘Vouchers’ which is the first tile on the page. You are able to select your design (there are four available), you can add the name of the recipient, as well as a short message. You’ll receive a PDF of the voucher which you can print at home. Alternatively, physical gift vouchers are available to buy in the Loaf shop in the run up to Christmas – printed on coloured card.


Hopefully the booking process is relatively straight forward, but we can understand not everyone has done this before! If you would like to book on any course at Loaf, please click through to the relevant course on our cookery school page of the website or the calendar. You will then be able to select the date of the course you’d like to attend and make a payment from there. If you have any accessibility needs or dietary requirements you’ll have the opportunity to add this as a comment on your booking. Because the courses vary, please do read the descriptions for any allergens. You’ll receive an email confirmation of your place and a receipt. We’ll also send you a reminder nearer the time of your course. If you have any questions not covered by the course description please get in touch via the contact page. We look forward to welcoming you to Loaf!

Booking T&Cs

Course dates for 2018!

We’ve booked in our regular courses and there are new dates for them below. View all courses in calendar format or by each course on our cookery school page!

We sell gift vouchers in multiples of £10 – available to buy online here. Vouchers are valid for one year and are redeemable against any of our courses. 

Before you check out what we have in 2018 – we also also have some dates left on courses for the remainder of this year if you fancied a winter pick-me-up, courses including Ramen (Nov 9th), Pork Butchery and Charcuterie (Nov 16th) and Bread: Back to Basics (Nov 18th).

2018 dates
  • Bread: Back to Basics – 6th Jan / 13th Jan / 25th Jan / 3rd Feb / 10th Feb / 22nd Feb / 3rd March / 22nd March
  • Dosa – 9th Jan / 13th Feb / 13th March
  • Thai – 17th Jan 2018
  • Chinese Bao and Dumplings – 18th Jan
  • Bread: Simply Sourdough – 19th-20th Jan / 23rd-24th March
  • Handmade Pasta – 23rd Jan / 27th March
  • Seafood Masterclass (Fish & Shellfish) – 27th Jan
  • Thaali – 30th Jan / 27th Feb / 20th March
  • Knife Skills – 31st Jan
  • Pork Butchery and Charcuterie – 1st Feb
  • Japan (Sushi & more) – 7th Feb
  • Ramen – 8th Feb
  • Macarons – 14th Feb / 14th March
  • Viennoiserie & Sweet Breads – 24th Feb / 10th March
  • With more dates for Preserving on their way.

For info, some of the courses are around notable dates: Pancake Day Dosa – Tues 13th Feb. Valentines Day Macarons – Weds 14th Feb and Mothers’ Day (which is Sun 11th March) – we have Viennoiserie on Sat 10th March & Macarons Weds 14th March). 


We’re delighted to announce a new course at Loaf – THAALI!

Join Loaf and Haseen from Kings Heath’s Pop Up Dosa for a fantastic Thaali making workshop

Haseen has been bringing fantastic street food from Kerala in the south west of India to the streets of Birmingham for several years now. Starting from a home-cafe in Kings Heath, to guest appearances at markets and takeovers of cafes and pub restaurants, Pop Up Dosa is an integral part of the grassroots food landscape in Birmingham, and for good reason.

During this three hour workshop chef Haseen will teach you the secrets of another Indian speciality – Thaali – popular in India, Nepal, Fiji, Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Singapore.

Thaali is a meal made up of a selection of vegetarian dishes served on a platter. In Kerala it is known as Sadhya (banquet), traditionally served on a banana leaf, often in large quantities, for weddings and other special festivals and celebrations. During a traditional Sadhya food is eaten with the right hand, without cutlery, and people sit cross-legged on mats together.

The idea behind a Thaali is to offer all the 6 different flavours of sweet, salt, bitter, sour, spicy on one single plate. On this hands-on course at Loaf you will learn how to create them all so you can host your own Sadhya celebrations!

Typical dishes include rice, daal, saambar, vegetable stir fries, papad, curd (yoghurt), and chutney or pickle. Rice is conventionally the main dish of the Thaali, and in the authentic presentation-style you will normally find the side dishes and delicacies are placed around the central dish.

Six dishes sounds complex – and a lot to fit into an evening’s course – but with Haseen’s help you’ll be able to manage your time, learn how to multi-task with ease and have a stress-free and fun dinner experience! We can guarantee you won’t go home hungry.

About Loaf courses

This course usually takes place on a weekday evening from 6.30pm to 9.30pm at Loaf cookery school on Stirchley High Street in south Birmingham. You’ll feel right at home at Loaf, and everything you learn will set you up for bringing your own kitchen alive.

All refreshments, equipment, recipes and aprons are provided. Use the calendar below to find and book a suitable date and add to your basket, and pay via the checkout. This course is priced £70. We look forward to seeing you soon!

This course is suitable for Vegetarians/Vegans and the ingredients are gluten free. Please email us if you need to know more about the allergens in this course.

To book please visit the course page HERE

Autumn Course Highlight

We’re getting ready for our Autumn season of courses!

Some of the courses we have during the upcoming months *only* run at this time of year. In particular: Pork Butchery and Charcuterie with our expert tutors Lap-fai Lee and Steve from Rossiter’s organic butchers in Bournville.

This day-long course will take you through options for creating amazing charcuterie, as well as fresh pork dishes, from almost every part of the pig. You’ll also be creating your own pork lunch for a feast in the middle of the day.

The next Pork Butchery and Charcuterie course is on Thursday 26th October in our dedicated cookery school on Stirchley High Street.

Take a look at our full courses calendar to discover what new skills you can learn in the upcoming cosy season:

Photo by Lap!


Back to School with Loaf

If you’ve not been on a Loaf course but have always fancied it, why not use the changing seasons and new school term time as an excuse to learn a new skill.

We have spaces on several of our courses over the Autumn months including Seafood Masterclass, Handmade Pasta, Pork Butchery and Charcuterie, Sweet Breads and Vennoiserie and Flavour Geography: Thailand, and Chinese Bao and Dumplings (pictured above).

The courses are really enjoyable, informative and hands-on. You’ll be taught by our friendly and experienced in-house experts and passionate guest-tutors. On our courses we also share and enjoy the fruits of our labour and you will never go home hungry! 

We also sell vouchers for courses if you’d like to gift a visit to Loaf Cookery School to a loved one – is it too early to think about Christmas?!

To check the dates and courses available please visit the courses calendar here.


It’s that time of year! Loosen your belt loops for a blast of tasty information about opening times, mince pies, stollen and gift vouchers below…


Tuesday 20th – 12-6.30pm (as normal)

Wednesday 21st – 12-6.30pm (as normal)

Thursday 22nd – 12-6.30pm (as normal)

Friday 23rd – 8.15am-1pm

Saturday 24th (XMAS EVE) – 8.15am-1pm

CLOSED 25th – 3rd January 2017

Wednesday 4th Jan – 12-6.30pm – opening times resume as normal.


As you may have seen on Twitter, we’re selling mince pies daily in our shop!

Our mince pies are made entirely in house. This year, Baker Rob made kilos upon kilos of delicious mincemeat (ours is made with locally grown apples, lemons, suet, candied peel, marmalade, currants, sultanas, dark muscovado sugar and Mud City Stout since you asked…) ready to fill hundreds of our flaky, buttery pastry cases.


We’ll also be offering our classic Stollen loaf, a rich, fruity loaf stuffed with homemade marzipan, this one is pre-order only.


In collaboration with our cookery school tutor, the uber talented Lap-fai Lee; we’ll also be offering some incredible mincemeat macarons *love heart eyes emoji x100*

The macarons will also be available for pre-order but any which are not snapped up in advance will be available in the shop from 20th December.


Our vouchers make the perfect gift for Xmas you know! You can buy online or we’ve got vouchers from £10-110 available in our shop, just ask one of our shop team and they’ll be happy to help.

Please note, our gift vouchers are only valid for our cookery school, not our shop! Ts&Cs are here.


You can pre-order the following:
A box of six mince pies for £8
A stollen loaf for £5
Six mincemeat macarons for £5

All orders need to be made in our shop and pre-paid as we’ll be baking to demand. You can place orders up until the 17th December. Orders will be available for collection on 23-24th December before 11am.


You can find us at Stirchley Community Market on Tuesday 6th and at the QE Hospital Farmers Market on Wednesday 21st – come say hi!



New dates for courses 2017!

Illustration: www.walternewton.

 The announcement of our Cookery School courses 2017, has been somewhat long awaited by the eager and organised amongst us, so here it is just in time for Xmas!

NEW dates for January-March 2017 are now available for:

– Bread: Back to Basics
– Bread: Simply Sourdough
– Sweet breads and Viennoiserie
– Flavour Geography: South Indian Dosa
– Handmade Pasta
– Macarons

Plus many more!

We’ve worked hard to fit in as many courses as we can, so we hope you’ll find something to suit your needs!

pig butchery Dosa Workshoppasta bread back to basics Seafoodone_new2 sweet breads

If not, why not buy a gift voucher?

You can purchase Cookery School gift vouchers from £1-£150!

Further dates will be staggered throughout 2017.

*Foraging & Earth Oven Building will be available from March.

Lamb & Poultry will be available from February.*

Happy Booking!

BAO HOUSE Part II with Lap-Fai Lee


If you came to the last BAO House Pop Up at Loaf, waited in that incredibly long line and were rewarded with food, you’ll be excited to hear we’re doing it again.  If you came to the last BAO House Pop Up at Loaf, waited in that incredibly long line and didn’t get food because we ran out, you’ll be excited to hear we’re doing it again – with more BAO, extra sides…. but you should still get here earlier.

September 22nd is the date for your diaries.
No bookings/pre orders/reservations.
All food is to take out, but you can sit in if you’d like – we have seating.
Cash or Card payments taken.