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We have started a Monday bake shift to support the many groups who are helping alleviate food poverty in Birminghan during the pandemic. Loaf staff are running this in their own time so the only cost is ingredients, electricity and petrol. All bread is donated free of charge.

So far we are delivering to Solidarity Kitchen, the Active Wellbeing Society who are co-ordinating for Food Banks who have found the lockdown disruptive, and local schools with key workers’ children who are also providing free school meals to those who need them. If you know of other organisations who can distribute our bread, please email who is co-ordinating this.

We received a fantastic £600 in voluntary delivery donations in April, way more than we expected, and have seeded this initiative with that. Please consider donating £2 to £5 with your order.

Any surplus funds will be donated to a food charity. We will report fully on how this goes later in the Summer.