Loaf is proud to bring Real Bread back to Stirchley.

We make beautiful, wholesome bread slowly, with passion and care, without artificial additives. We specialise in rye and wheat sourdough alongside continental breads such as focaccia and baguettes, and you’ll also find great white and wholemeal tin loaves in our bakery every Tuesday – Saturday.

Real Bread is made with natural ingredients and does not contain processing aids or artificial additives, often added to industrial and supermarket loaves. We’re proud to back The Real Bread Campaign, championing better bread in the UK.

Bread we make on a daily basis:

White Wheat Sourdough
(small £2.20 or large £3.50)

Rye Sourdough
(small £2.20 or large £3.50)

Multigrain Tins
(small £1.00 or large £2.00 – large only on Saturdays)

White Tins
(Large only £2.20)

Rosemary & Sea Salt Focaccia

Stirchley Loaf – a soft batch loaf, half wholemeal, half white
(small £1.00 or large £2.00)

Saturdays only:

Maslin Sourdough – a wheat sourdough made with our rye starter and wholemeal and white wheat flour (small £2.50 or large £3.50)

White Wheat and Maslin Sourdough specials (flavoured with seeds/fruit/cheese – changes every week) (small only £2.50)

Rye special (£3.00)


We don’t make the following loaves everyday, but you’ll often find them on our shelves – give us a call if you want to check what’s available.

Ciabatta (£2.00)

Baguettes (£2.00)

Focaccia with a varity of toppings – e.g. olive & onion or feta & tomato (£2.00)

We also sell delicious treats on a daily basis; sweet buns, brownies, loaf cakes, tarts and seasonal goodies like mince pies and hot-cross buns, calendar-dependent!


To pre-order bread or lunches, please ask in the shop, email or phone us – we don’t accept orders on social media. Orders for Saturdays need to be made by 7pm on Thursdays, otherwise a day’s notice will do! For large orders we may ask for payment in advance.


Phone: 0121 458 7682