Lunch menu and courses this week at Loaf


Tuesday: Tarka Daal served with sourdough (Ve)

Wednesday: Meatball, jalapeno and red onion sourdough pizza OR
Pea and parsley soup (can serve cold or hot) w/ sourdough (Ve)

Thursday: Courgette, broad bean and spring onion frittata w/ Salad and focaccia

Friday: Sweet potato saag aloo w/ sourdough (Ve) OR
Salt beef on challah with mustard and pickles

Saturday: Veggie sandwich on brioche (V) OR
Salt beef on brioche with mustard and pickles


This week we have three courses in the cookery school;

How to Make Dosa
Tue 17th, 6.30-9.30pp £65pp (one place available)

Bread Back to Basics
Thurs 19th, 9.30am-4pm £120pp (FULL)

Simply Sourdough
Fri 20th – Sat 21st, £120pp (6 places)

It’s a good time of year to book on to Sourdough – the bonus is we’ll teach you how to look after your starter in this (glorious) weather 🌞 we run this course once a month only, and it’s a two-session class – you’ll come in on a Friday evening to refresh the rye sourdough starter, and mix and knead the wheat sourdough loaves. You’ll return on Saturday morning to shape your wheat and rye loaves, and enjoy a hearty brunch with sourdough English muffins or sourdough pancakes. There’s plenty of time to discuss techniques, equipment and baking to suit your lifestyle. There is of course, lots of bread to take home too!

More information on the Simply Sourdough course page on our website.