See you next year!

We are now closed for Christmas – reopening on Saturday 6th January.

Thanks everyone for your support this year – Happy Christmas!

Great photo from yesterday morning’s 8.15am opening by one of our bakers, Sarah Frost. Patiently queueing people and pigeons.



Lunches this week!

Hi all, here’s this week’s lunch menu for you:

Tuesday: Bacon, egg, pecorino & rocket ciabatta // Tarka Daal with sourdough

Wednesday: Three cheese pizza (pecorino, gorgonzola and mozzarella) (Vegetarian) // Puttanesca with focaccia

Thursday: Italian lentil soup (vegan) with/without pecorino // Ham, cheddar and pickle sandwiches

Friday: Potato and broccoli frittata (vegetarian) // Leek and potato soup with sourdough (vegan) // Salt Beef

Saturday: Artichoke, spinach and pecorino sandwiches // Salt Beef

See you soon!