Hi everyone, here is this weeks lunch menu:

Tuesday: Ham (Rossiters Organic Butchers), Christmas chutney (Cuffufle Preserves) and Cheddar sandwiches // Tarka daal with sourdough (vegan)

Wednesday: Peanut and red bean stew with sweet potato and kale (vegan)// Kale, onion and cheddar sourdough pizza

Thursday: Ribollita (vegan) // Smoked salmon, cucumber and mustard on caraway rye

Friday: Smoked salmon, cream cheese and dill on challah // Leek and potato soup with sourdough (vegan)// Salt beef on challah with pickles

Saturday: Cheddar, walnut and roast broccoli brioche // Salt beef on challah with pickles

Hope you enjoy, remember mince pies start on this Friday!