Hi everyone, here are this weeks lunches:

Tue: Tarka daal with sourdough //Mushroom, blue cheese and bacon sandwich

Wed: Caponata with sourdough // Artichoke, potato and red pepper fritatta with salad and focaccia
Thurs: Potato, rosemary and blue cheese pizza // Mexican tomato and bean soup
Friday: Tarka Daal with sourdough // Salt beef // Broad bean and olive tapenade with tomato sandwich
Sat: Salt beef //Blue cheese and honey roasted walnut croissant
Hope you enjoy!


Autumn Course Highlight

We’re getting ready for our Autumn season of courses!

Some of the courses we have during the upcoming months *only* run at this time of year. In particular: Pork Butchery and Charcuterie with our expert tutors Lap-fai Lee and Steve from Rossiter’s organic butchers in Bournville.

This day-long course will take you through options for creating amazing charcuterie, as well as fresh pork dishes, from almost every part of the pig. You’ll also be creating your own pork lunch for a feast in the middle of the day.

The next Pork Butchery and Charcuterie course is on Thursday 26th October in our dedicated cookery school on Stirchley High Street.

Take a look at our full courses calendar to discover what new skills you can learn in the upcoming cosy season:

Photo by Lap!


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