August lunches!

Can you believe it’s almost August? The weather is looking very British this week but we’ve got some summery flavours on offer for you. We’ll also be at this week’s Stirchley Community Market with our friend Lap-Fai Lee offering Thai BBQ treats.

Tuesday: Ham, cucumber, dill & brie sandwich /OR/ Tarka daal with sourdough (Vegan) + Thai BBQ at Stirchley Community Market from 4-8pm.
Wednesday: Pissaladière (tomato, anchovy and olive tart) with salad /OR/ Roast beet, lentil and goat’s cheese sandwich
Thursday: BLT on ciabatta /OR/ Courgette and feta pie with salad
Friday: Veggie niçoise salad /OR/ Salt beef on challah with mustard and pickles /OR/ Courgette and coconut soup (Vegan)
Saturday: Tomato, goat’s cheese and thyme croissant /OR/ Salt beef on challah with mustard and pickles



LUNCH! (but don’t forget Thursday’s Pop up!)

Tues: Tarka Daal// Chicken, brie and pesto ciabatta

Weds: Salami, chorizo and mozzarella sourdough pizza// Caponata with focaccia and ricotta

Thurs: Anchovy, olive, caper and mozzarella pizza// Pea hummus, goat’s cheese and rocket ciabatta

Fri; #SALTBEEF//Brie, olive tapenade and rocket on bun// Ploughmans salad with foccacia (optional ham!)

Sat; #SALTBEEF// Cheddar, grape and rocket on bun