Anna’s Diner & PokPok

As some of you may know, our beloved Anna is leaving us to go off galavanting around Oz for a year or more.

Lap and us are throwing not one, but two pop-up dinners in her honour (we’d like to say it’s our gift to her, except she’ll be cooking!)

The first pop-up evening aptly named ‘Anna’s Diner’ will be Thursday 27th July, 6.30-9pm – casual eat-in or take-away & BYO – here at Loaf HQ.

The second  – ‘Anna’s PokPok’ – will be held outside at the Stirchley Community Market, Tuesday 1st August, 4-8pm at Stirchley Baths.


Come wish our Anna ‘Bon Voyage!’ and enjoy the best of our pop-up menus.

(Anna, please don’t leave. We love you <3)



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Another beautiful week ahead…lunch anyone?

TUES: Daal // BLT

WEDS: Egg and watercress baguette // Stilton, pear, walnut and rocket ciabatta

THURS: Red pepper, onion, mozzarella sourdough pizza // Crispy spiced lamb, hummus, pine nuts and parsley sandwich

FRI: #SALTBEEF// Courgette, feta and mint frittata with salad and foccacia // Cheese and onion chutney multigrain Sandwich

SAT: #SALTBEEF // Feta, tomato, olive and rocket croissant