Lunches this week

Morning all! Here is the lunch menu for the week ahead. Fingers crossed for dryer weather.

Tuesday: Tarka daal w/ sourdough (vegan) OR Cheddar, apple and ham ciabatta

Wednesday: Herby stilton fritatta w/ focaccia and salad (vegetarian) OR Egg, bacon and watercress sandwich

Thursday: Salami, onion and fresh rocket sourdough pizza OR Summer minestrone w/sourdough (vegetarian)

Friday: Tarka daal w/ sourdough (vegan) OR Salt beef on challah with pickles and mustard OR Summer panzanella (vegetarian)

Saturday: Cheddar, sundried tomato and rocket croissant (vegetarian) OR Salt beef on challah with pickles and mustard



Hi everyone, here is this weeks lunch menu:

Tuesday: Tarka daal with sourdough // Bacon, brie and rocket baguette

Wednesday: Salami, onion and mozzarella sourdough pizza // Roast veg, white bean hummus and rocket ciabatta

Thursday: Chorizo, potato and pea frittata // Harissa halloumi, red pepper and spinach foccacia

Friday: Salt beef // Tarka daal with sourdough // Brie, grape, roasted seeds and rocket baguette

Saturday: Salt beef // Cheddar, chutney and rocket sandwich

Hope to see you here!