Lunches this week!

Hello all, here’s the menu for the week ahead:

Tuesday – Tarka daal w/ sourdough OR Ham, cheddar, chutney + rocket baguette

Wednesday – Goat’s cheese, spinach + caramelised onion sourdough pizza OR Spiced chickpeas, avocado, basil mayo, spinach + tomato ciabatta

Thursday – Spicy chicken, tomato, mayo + little gem on brioche OR Roasted garlic, Asparagus + herb frittata w/ salad + focaccia

Friday – Salt beef OR Tarka Daal w/ sourdough OR Grilled aubergine, goat’s cheese, spinach, tahini + sun-dried tomato focaccia

Saturday – Salt beef OR Cheddar, pear + walnut croissant

We hope to see you in the bakery!