Lunches this week

Hi everyone! Here’s the menu for the week ahead. Don’t forget our pop up curry night on Thursday!

Tuesday:  Brie, apple & bacon sandwich // Tarka daal w/ sourdough (Vegan)
Wednesday: Squash, kale & stilton pizza (Vegetarian) // Black eyed bean & lemon hotpot w/ sourdough (Vegetarian)
Thursday: Roasted red pepper soup w/ greek yoghurt & sourdough (Vegan/Vegetarian) // Prosciutto, fig, stilton & toasted walnut sandwich
Friday: Sweet potato, red pepper & feta frittata w/ salad & focaccia // Porotos granados w/ sourdough (Vegan) // #SaltBeef on challah w/ mustard & pickles
Saturday: Brie, caramelised red onion & tomato sandwich   // #SaltBeef on challah w/ mustard & pickles