Hi everybody, hope you’re all enjoying the great weather today! Here’s this weeks lunch menu:

Tuesday: Tarka daal with sourdough // Ham, brie, rocket and basil pesto on focaccia

Wednesday: Pav bhaji (Mumbai street food curry with butter spiced roll) // Spicy chicken, roast garlic aioli, tomato and babygem on bun

Thursday: Ham,  pesto, mozzarella and rocket on ciabatta // Portobello, ricotta, mozzarella and truffle oil sourdough pizza

Friday: Salt beef with mustard and pickles on bun // Roast cauliflower and coconut soup with sourdough // Brie and leek frittata with salad and focaccia

Saturday: Salt beef with mustard and pickles on bun //Brie,  grape and walnut on croissant

Hope to see you here!