Rye not?

We started out with our Revolutionary Rye, way back when Tom first started Loaf back in 2009 and it has graced our shelves ever since!

Our recipe was based on Andrew Whitley’s Russian Rye, ours is 100% rye sourdough, topped with toasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Why is it revolutionary? (Everybody wants to know!) Mainly because back when Tom started, no one was making a rye sourdough up here in the Midlands at least! Not only that, but he figured given its Russian roots, he’d pay tribute to their revolutionary history…

If you didn’t already know, Rye is a type of grain, low in gluten, high in fibre, protein and most importantly flavour.

Over the years, we’ve played around with rye specials such as the Borodinsky and Volkornbrot, but this year we’ve decided to feature them more frequently, because rye is great, and ‘rye’ not right?

Our Borodinsky is made with a rye starter and flour, malt extract, molasses and caraway seeds for a surprisingly refreshing flavour despite its density! Find it in the shop on TUESDAYS

Our Volkornbrot, is made with a rye starter and flour, chock-full of sunflower seeds, and kibbled rye for lots of texture! Find it in the shop on THURSDAYS

Will you be trying it? Let us know! Tweet or Tag us – we’d love to see how you’re enjoying it!

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Hi everyone, here is this weeks lunch menu:

Tuesday:  Tarka dall with sourdough // Ham, egg mayo and watercress baguette

Wednesday:  Chorizo, red onion and pesto pizza // Mozzarella, tomato and basil on focaccia

Thursday: Cardamon and star anise winter squash soup with sourdough // Brie, toasted walnut and onion marmalade ciabatta

Friday: Salt beef // Harissa halloumi, red pepper and rocket on brioche // Roasted beetroot, ginger and coconut soup with sourdough

Saturday: Salt beef // Brie and garlic mushroom on brioche

Hope you can all make it here through the rain!